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Big Changes for Rig #1

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Rig #1's transformation to a Double/Triple.

Rig #1, the first of our fleet, the one that started this company back in 2001 was a single/double built at Irontech. Seventeen years later it will returning to us a double/triple.

“Everyone remembers their first love...same goes for rigs.”

The oil & gas industry ebbs & flows, continually changing the demand for rigs. The current market was slow and it became evident that the beloved Rig #1 could be better utilized as a double/triple. Bruce and his partners had a meeting of the minds and felt that although the timing may not be the best to be taking on such an expense, they truly knew that it was an investment in the company. So began their pursuit to find the best candidate to make the transformation happen.

CBI Manufacturing

Miller Well has had exceptional service from Irontech and KSM, but ultimately chose CBI Manufacturing for the job. CBI Manufacturing has a long standing reputation for quality workmanship and we were confident in their ability to get the job done. The derrick was removed at our shop in Weyburn for easier transportation to Linden, AB. The transformation of a rig from single/double to double/triple is a large undertaking that requires complex engineering. This includes not only replacing the derrick, but there is also outriggers, drawworks and many other elements that also require adjustments or replacements.

Rig #1 holds a special place in the hearts of us at Miller Well Servicing, everyone remembers their first love...same goes for rigs. We are patiently awaiting the return of Rig #1 in all its new found glory, stay tuned for updates on it's arrival!

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