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Miller Well Servicing Ltd. is a locally owned and operated workover/service rig company with a fleet consisting of 2 Freestanding Single/Double mobile rigs and 6 Freestanding Double/Triple mobile rigs, and all accompanying equipment.  We provide experienced 5 man crews with all safety training and certifications.  We have a Field Superintendent and Safety Coordinator to ensure quality control and HSE compliance.

We believe that a strong community is built by those who live and work in it.  We strive to ensure that we make an impact and give back. By ensuring that our youth are provided with opportunities and our community initiatives have the necessary funds to be successful.

We are proud to contribute to a variety of causes, from small fundraisers to large scale community infrastructure projects.

Proudly a COR certified company, Miller Well Servicing Ltd. considers effective safety, health and environmental management to be an integral part of our business and, as such, is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace that protects our employees, our clients, our equipment, the public, and the environment from incidents.

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