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Proudly a COR certified company, Miller Well Servicing Ltd. considers effective safety, health and environmental management to be an integral part of our business and, as such, is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace that protects our employees, our clients, our equipment, the public, and the environment from incidents. Our strong health and safety management system reflects this commitment, and is proven by the maintenance, since 2008, of a valid COR certification. At Miller Well Servicing, we take a proactive approach focusing on training, mentoring and competency in order to ensure the safety of our most valuable assets, our employees. We regularly conduct meetings, maintain strict hazard recognition and controls, and conduct regular audits of our operations and equipment. MWSL assigns the highest priority to the safety and health of personnel assigned to work for Miller and contractors at our sites, and to the protection of the general public and the environment.


All employees, including management, are responsible and accountable for their health and safety performance. Working in a healthy and safe way is a condition of employment, and substandard performance will not be accepted. A coordinated effort with respect to health, safety and the environment by the Operating Company and all workers on the job site is supported by management.


Managers, supervisors and safety personnel are responsible for identifying safety needs, communicating safety hazards and investigating hazardous conditions and accidents. They will also provide health and safety training, wear and supply appropriate personal protective equipment, and ensure all equipment is properly maintained, and that it meets legislated safety standards.


We have high corporate safety expectations and expect our employees to share this important value. Miller’s overall goal is to protect our people, our equipment and the environment and to have zero injuries, zero property damage and zero environmental impacts.  Through continuous safety and loss control efforts, we will accomplish this.




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